Invest Today To Help American Communities

Delinquency rates on loans worsened during COVID. These vulnerable families across America are now at risk of foreclosure and need our help.

You can invest in AHP Title Insurance Inc. to help. We buy defaulted  loans at discounts, then work to help families keep their homes:

AHP Title is offering to sell securities to the public in what we refer to as an “Offering.” Our Offering Statement was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which qualified AHP Title to raise up to $75,000,000 utilizing Regulation A+.

There is no guarantee that we will earn enough profit to distribute a 9% return to Investors, or even to return their capital. The Company will try to return to Investors all of their capital no later than the fifth anniversary of the purchase date, assuming there is sufficient cash flow. However, they might receive their capital sooner, later, or not at all.

As the current real estate market appears overheated and the next downturn looms, we believe that buying mortgages with government guarantees is a prudent strategy. If the market turns and property values drop, the guarantees offer significant protection.

You can invest as little as $100 to earn up to 9% – and help Families at risk of foreclosure keep their homes.

Ideally, we modify mortgages to ensure that the payment is affordable. Once timely payments are made for 6-12 months, we aim to resell the loan typically at close to 100% of the balance owed.

Alternatively, we offer other cooperative options such as a deed-in-lieu-of-foreclosure or a short sale.

If no resolution is achieved, we proceed with foreclosure but continue to try to reach a cooperative resolution.

Jorge Newbery
Founder & CEO

AHP Title brings social responsibility, innovation, and a willingness to do-the-right-thing to title insurance, an industry dominated by four companies comfortable with the status quo and unmotivated to adopt new technologies for needed change. This will be our most significant advantage.